Finance degree is totally different with accounting degree. Finance learns about specific management of money, while accounting degree deals with obtaining, collecting and organizing financial information as well as financial statement. Accounting also learns about finance and economics because of accounting theories and principle based on those fields. Accounting uses GAAP rules and standards when it comes to setting up, reporting, recording and auditing accounting records in organization. Accounting, in fact, is related to the daily operation of a business, while finance focuses on analysis and monetary resources of business profit. Finance actually has something to do with money but accounting concerns about finding and tracking something like manipulation of finance in a business.

There is several levels of finance degree you will come across out there:
  • Assosiate degree, it is a springboard to the higher education and offers many levels of job. To apply this degree, you must havegraduated from high school and submit all of educational transcripts. Even, this degree also applies for GED program.
  • Bachelor degree, it is required for financial analyst, investment, financial planning and portofolio management with minimum standar GPA from high school or GED
  • Master degree, it provides you with more specialized complexity of education about financial forecasting or financial engineering. This degree opens for people, even for those working on financial department without any background in finance. You need to have graduated from bachelor degree to get into this level.

There are many jobs for finance graduates in this world. Numerous jobs require finance degree and economic-related degree. Because finance focuses on profit analysis of the organization, the work field of finance associated with asset, money, investment and credit. Financial manager, financial service broker, financial advisor, financial analyst / planner and commercial banker are some works that can be achieved by finance graduates.

You need to have graduated from bachelor degree to get into this level.


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